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In 2015, CNN did a major report on Insurance Companies illegally steering their customers to "preferred" auto body shops working for them at a reduced rate in order to receive continuous referrals from Insurance companies. As a result, some body shops began to purchase part from local junk yards and cheaper after market parts.

CNN's report "Are cheap repairs part of an insurance scheme?" prompted US Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) to ask the US Department of Justic to "begin an investigation in auto repairs being done nationwide, because the repairs may often be done using recycled parts, remanufactured, re-used, or after market parts, which, he says, could lead to unsafe vehicles"

Auto Insurance Companies Coercing Body Shops

Folks, if any insurance company would cooerce Auto Body Shops to save money usung recycled parts, and sub standard remanufactured, or after market parts that can lead to failure, that's negligence. This is the most important reason to choose an Independent body shop because you have no idea if your insurance company & their body shop are trying to do just that. It's more common than people think.

People don't think of a body shop until they are in an accident, and that's unfortunate. Many times an accident is traumatic enough that people aren't thinking straight. That's why a call to your local independent body shop is essential for 9 time out of 10 when calling an insurnace company, they will refer you to a body shop they know will keep costs down for THEM, not you the customer.

If anything, you deserve a second opinion, that's why when you call an Auto Body Shop yourself, ask them, "Are you an independent body shop?" They will probably answer right away "Yes!" and then begin to tell you about illegal steering. If they speak to you about anything in this blog & referenced article, you are more than likely in the right place.

This blog isn't just about you choosing Definis Auto Body in Northeast Philadelphia to help you through this, it's about making the right decision at a traumatic time in your life no matter where you live.

References: Blumenthal criticizes car insurance practices at Conn. auto body shop

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Definis Auto Body is an independent body shop and that means we work for you, the car owner, and not the insurance company.